Why not?! There is always an excuse to have a party.  Art parties are a creative and memorable way to celebrate special occasions with your friends and family.  These parties work great for birthday celebrations, reunions, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, baby showers, and girls nights out!  Absolutely NO experience necessary.   Sometimes it's even better that way!

The Details:

·         Bring your own food and beverages. You know what you like to eat more than I do.  :)  Alcoholic beverages are fine. We have wine glasses, but you’ll need to bring other beverage glasses, plates, and napkins.

·         The event is $40 per person and includes an apron, all materials, and art instruction.  Plus you get to take home what you create!

·         I can accommodate 5-8 people at my location.  If you have fewer guests you are charged for the minimum of 5 people.  If your party is larger, we can get creative about other locations.  I'm sure we can put our heads together and figure something out!


"I had the most amazing time at one of Emily's Art Parties and I'm not even that crafty! Emily is super helpful and reassuring and so much fun to be around. You'll be sure to laugh and have a blast creating your own special work of art."  -Kristin Lemus {www.thebeautifuldeep.com}

"My friends and I had an art party with Emily for my birthday and we had a BLAST! Emily’s parties let you be creative if you have an artsy side but it’s still easy for someone without a creative bone in their body! She taught us all her steps but let us choose our quotes and colors! Our final products looked like something out of a store- we were all super impressed!  We will be doing another party with Emily SOON! Emily, thank you for making my birthday extra special this year!" -Leslie

"Thank you Emily for a great time! Surrounded by friends and creating together was so much fun! Having everything ready for us and explaining how to transform our ideas into real pieces of art made the party super smooth.   Thanks for hosting us and allowing us to enjoy a special times with friends." –Amy

"We had so much fun making unique Christmas ornaments guided by Emily's artistic expertise. we laughed, we stamped, we talked, we glued...and we all went home with a beautiful keepsake of our special time together!"  -Eryn {www.mamahall.com}

"What a fabulous event! Emily's lovely home provided a welcome environment for a fun activity with friends. Ever the attentive hostess, Emily guided us through our projects step-by-step, and even provided helpful tips for the creatively challenged among us. Her goal was clear - that all her guests would leave with a hand-made treasure and happy memories. Thank you, Emily!" -Rebecca

"The art party with Emily was such fun! Her hospitality (in her cozy cute home!) and her easy-going nature and comical wit were the perfect dynamic for our group of gals as we created one-of-a-kind ornaments. With her instruction and all of her art tools at hand, we were able to learn from her unique artistic style, laugh pretty much the entire time, and walk away with a special personalized gift. Would definitely recommend jumping in with Emily for your own art party!" -Sallie

Contact:  Please ask any questions you might have.  I have ideas in mind for how to make your party wonderful but I am open to all of your suggestions!  Click HERE to shoot me an email and we'll get you on the schedule!  I look forward to chatting with you.