31 Days of Makers

31 Days of Makers

Welcome to an exciting little project I've been working on for you!  

There is a website called Write31Days in which people (you guessed it) write for thirty one days on a single topic throughout October.  In previous years I have flirted with the idea of joining the write-a-thon but could never land on a topic I felt could sustain my interest for an entire month.  This year though, it took about 3 seconds to come up with my topic.  Since opening my Etsy shop, I have encountered so many talented artists I just HAD to spend 31 days unpacking all the handmade goodness I've found.  Many of them I know in real life which makes it even more fun!  This is the page where you can come to find them all in one spot.  I will be updating the new links daily.

Why does this matter to you?  

Christmas is right around the corner, y'all and I am working hard (slaving away really) to curate a collection you will surely enjoy.  You are truly the luckiest of ducks.

Why does this matter to my husband?  

Ahem. Because this is my Christmas list. All organized with pictures and links for your purchasing convenience.

**Just to be clear- none of these people have given me product or money to be featured in this star-studded line up.  They did not use threats or manipulation to be included. Those tactics don't work on me as I used to work in a jail (and also I'm bigger than most of them.)  

Are you ready? Let's begin.

Day #1: Sariko Designs

Day #2: Sewing Sunflowers

Day #3: Messy Little Smiles

Day #4: Away We Go Co.

Day #5: The Tragic Whale

Day #6: Lettered Life Shop

Day #7: HEart by CC

Day #8: Bottle of Tears

Day #9: Two Potters

Day #10: This Girl's Doodles

Day #11: The Stamped Studio

Day #12: Ora Dale Handmade

Day #13: Haute Candles

Day #14: Persimmon Prints

Day #15: Melody Joy Designs

Day #16: No. 41

Day #17: GraceLaced

Day #18: Ivey Expressions

Day #19: Jessica N Designs/NS Pottery

Day #20: Caleb Faires

Day #21: Oh Sweet Joy

Day #22: It's By Design

Day #23: Whitney Rae Paper

Day #24: Rachel Anne Ridge

Day #25: White Peach Pottery

Day #26: The Sparrow Studio

Day #27: Better Life Bags

Day #28: CK Stitches/Pitter Patter Art

Day #29: Olive Tree Designs/Twice Baked Clay

Day #30: Be Small Studios/Lynnburg Lane Soap Company

Day #31: Avery Rayne/Knot A Dream