Penelope our Mouse

It never crossed my mind that this would be an option. 

How would a mouse even get inside my car?  It’s parked in a garage and the windows are always up.  A few days ago when I needed to remove a car seat I thought I saw something that looked a lot like mouse droppings.

Surely this is something that poured out of some-other-thing the kids brought in the car that just looks a whole lot like rodent poo. Mice don’t live in cars, Emily. Don't be silly.

Then yesterday

I packed the kids in the car to go to the gym.  As I finished loading everyone up, I saw it.  A granola bar opened much more daintily than I human would do it.  It was confirmed.  A mouse has moved into the Camry.

Logic being my first reaction, I unloaded the children and marched in the house to demand from my husband that we abandon this car and buy a different and decidedly mouse-free car.  He said no.  Come to think of it, I have tried to abandon cars before.  Why does everyone always say no?

Then today

We are leaving on a road trip.  WE ARE LEAVING ON A ROAD TRIP!  Since my husband is unreasonable and won’t let me leave this car on the side of a highway somewhere, we are leaving on the road trip in the mouse car.  Since it’s an optional trip we’re just taking for fun, I know we could always just stay home.  But is it worth missing the vacation because I can’t handle the mouse?  Conversely, is it worth getting the haunta virus just so we can visit the Children’s Museum of another state?  So many good questions.

Deep Thoughts

Then I started thinking some deep thoughts. In life there are things we don’t want to deal with.  Some we can change, some we can’t.  Two things are true this morning: 1. I can’t seem to trap the mouse.  2. I don’t want to miss the trip.  Therefore, I need to change my perspective on this whole situation.

I’m not saying I want the mouse to stay but it has been there for about a week (without me realizing it) so maybe I could think of it as a…(gulp) pet?  I know it’s totally ridiculous.  If you know me, you know I don’t even like dogs and cats. 

So yes.  A pet mouse lives in our car.  It has to be a girl because that is much cuter.  Since she is a cute girl mouse who I am embracing as my pet (until she either kills us with disease or we kill her with a trap) she must be named.  At the kitchen table during breakfast this morning, we named her Penelope.  This is her with her children:

She is just your average Proverbs 31 mouse, really.  Woke up early to get her work done.  She probably knitted all those scarves herself.  She is an inspiration really. Ok, back to real life.

Yes it’s silly.  Yes it’s gross.  This is my coping mechanism to make it through this trip.  Honestly though, I think the practice of reframing our current sticky situations is a worthwhile one.  So many times our attitude stinks just as badly if not more than our actual issue.

What rodent can you reframe as a Penelope today?