Don't Knock it 'Till You Try It.

"Don't knock it 'till you try it" they say. 

Seems like a pretty wise word.  I would have to disagree with that in the case of, say, heroine or facial tattoos but other than that, I'd have to agree with the statement.

Recently, I did that very thing with the ketchup cookies.  I tried them.  Then I knocked them.  Since writing that I have given them to several more people who also like them so I continue to be the only one who thinks they are gross. #itisreallyirritating

Tried it.

Something else I decided to try (because a friend asked me to) (but I really thought it was silly and didn't want to do it) was writing a letter to myself.  What's the point? It's me.  What on earth do I have to tell myself that I don't already know?  My knowledge of myself is pretty vast.  I have, in fact, been there for all-of-the-things.

I did it though and you guys, there is a reason this is an exercise people do in therapy!  It was very eye opening and something I still am glad I did.  

My letter.

My (very personal) letter to myself is being featured at Velvet Ashes today.  Here is the link: Letter to my 2008 self.  It includes details of a very dark time in my life, a picture of me demonstrating using a Chinese toilet and a picture of a castle made entirely of ice.  Come on.  One of those things HAS to be interesting enough to read it!

What would your letter to yourself say?  What is the big thing you've learned in the past decade?  I would love to hear about it!