All the Spinning Plates

Hi sweet people!

There have been so many new subscribers recently and I wanted to say THANK YOU!   I truely look forward to getting to know you.  Please talk to me in the comments or send me an email! It's getting a little interesting around here as some of you know me because of my awe-inspiring way with words and others are here because of the masterpieces in my Etsy shop.  Also, new people please know I am 100% kidding about my descriptions in the last sentences.  No one has ever said any of those things about me -except me.  

I wanted to just share with you guys what's been happening over here.  I've been putting off writing because I don't really have anything polished to say but today walking on the treadmill with a friend (she was on her own treadmill- just in case that wasn't clear) she said I should just talk about what's happening even if it's not eloquent, so here goes.  (And if you don't like it, her name is Laura.  I am more than happy to hand out her contact information if you'd like to tell her she was wrong to encourage my haphazard efforts.)

Since we're talking about treadmills I had to look up some treadmill fails.  This was one of my favorites.  Bless them.  Some people should just always be wearing helmets. 


The Etsy Shop (i.e. my laundry room) is hopping y'all!  You guys are blessing my glue-covered socks off!  I have such a blast working with all of you to make the canvases you love!  I bought this gigantor tub of glue recently and I was entirely sure it would NEVER be used up.  

I had visions of myself staring at it in the year 2023 wishing I hadn't wasted so much money on glue.  I figured it would eventually live out it's days as a doorstop. Well friends, that joker is GONE!  And I have scraped the edges clean with a spoon (similar to the way I clean out the Nutella jar)(except that I didn't eat the glue-just in case that wasn't clear).  

Here are a couple of the new ones I have in stock that I think are fun:


I was recently so excited to be featured as part of the Hello Mornings Power Pack.  I am a fan of what Kat Lee does both to equip moms at Inspired to Action and also how well she helps bloggers tell their stories over at How They Blog.  When I got an email from her asking me to make a canvas for the Hello Mornings community (and after I composed myself and triple-checked that it was not a mistake or a joke) I told her I was more than happy to take part!    


Also, I was surprised and honored to be mentioned and my work showcased on this video Francie Winslow did to go along with her Bible study The God Experience.  I respect this girl SO much and have loved hearing her heart.  You should check her out at


Finally, I am so excited to have a whole wall of my art featured in this shop full of handmade stuff up in Oregon!  I am working away on items to fill the order and another new gigantor tub of glue needs to arrive in a hurry so I can make that happen!

My "Promise"

So basically a bunch of really fun happenings around here.  It makes time for writing slim but I "promise" to do better.  I promise just like the girl-child "promises" to turn her lights off when she leaves her room (we could have a vacation home in Colorado with the electric bill savings if this would happen) and just like the two year old boy-child "promises" to stop playing on my computer every. single. time I turn my back and it's similar to the way my husband "promises" to stop laughing at me at inappropriate times.  So basically, it's probably not going to happen but I sure think it would be great if it did.

I think you all are super and I am thankful for you. 

What plates are you spinning recently?