Maker #31: Avery Rayne/Knot A Dream

Can I just say, "Whew?!?  Thirty one days of writing about makers has been fun, tedious, inspiring (and pretty expensive) for me!  I have loved it and I also love that it's over.  Thank you for sticking it out with me.  Hope you have found some of these products as beautiful as I have.  Two last shops to highlight today.  Both of these ladies I know in real life and are as lovely as their crafty work!

Avery Rayne

The maker behind Avery Rayne is my friend Heather.  We went to college together a loooong time ago.  Her shop has been open since 2007 and she has over 100 items.  I know for sure my daughter would love these little girl necklaces:

And I know without a doubt I love this necklace and these coasters!

avery Rayne necklace.jpg

Stop by Avery Rayne and find something you love!

Shop: Avery Rayne Designs

Facebook: Avery Rayne Designs

Instagram: @averyraynedesigns

Knot A Dream

This shop is manned by my friend Kara.  She makes the most adorable toys.  They are soft and cuddly but also hilariously cute.  My favorites are all of them but here are a few:

How cute!  These are perfect gifts for that new baby in your life whose parents have tons of toys from Target.  They WON'T have a crochet Starbucks cup or an ice cream cone. That's a guarantee.  

You also need to know that Kara is so skilled that she takes custom orders.  If you can think of it, she can crochet it.  Just looking at her stuff, she is clearly up for the challenge.  So dream big, friends and get that baby a unique toy!

Find Kara here:

Shop: Knot A Dream

Instagram: @knotadream