Maker #4: Away We Go Co.

away we go co header.jpg

I am genuinely excited to tell you about Away We Go Co. - A company that wins the cutest business name EVER. The people behind it are Chris and Cassandra and I first met them at the Declare Conference.   I loved hearing their heart for the people of Amsterdam and wanted to write something moving to describe their vision but...they already said it best here so I shamelessly did some copy/paste magic:

"Along with crafting inspirational prints, we feel led to love and serve the city of Amsterdam. We do this through church planting and cultural renewal, namely working to rescue girls from the red light district. We envision a city where women don't have to turn to prostitution, but can turn to loving Christian communities for love and support. Much like the Apostle Paul, a skilled tent-maker, we use the creative gifts and talents we have been given to fund our efforts abroad. When you partner with Away We Go Co. you're not just getting a great print, you're giving our family the support we need to fulfill our calling. We're incredibly grateful and humbled by the willingness of our customers to get involved in what we're doing in Amsterdam."

Doesn't that make you want to buy one of everything?  Go ahead.  Take it as a personal challenge.  I have loved all my interactions with them and want to encourage you to find something in their shop that you didn't know you needed.  

Here are 3 of my favorites:

Where to find them:

Keep up with them on their Facebook Page or Instagram @awgco. Then stop by their website (Away We Go Co.) to do some early Christmas shopping and support a very meaningful cause!  They are also looking for people to partner with them on a monthly basis.  To learn more, go here.