Believe + a giveaway

Adorable Christmas cards are all about to arrive in our mailboxes. They will have on them the smiling faces of people we love wearing well-coordinated outfits. This year, if the woman in the picture has ever been on Pinterest, they will likely be holding chalkboard signs or letters spelling out their family names. We had our pictures done slightly early.  I wrote about it here.  

Yes, I get Christmas pictures taken around September.  And I have been known to buy Halloween costumes in March.  I like to over-prepare in senseless areas.  And flagrantly disregard areas that are arguably more important, lunches, grocery shopping, cooking dinner...ahem.

The other part of the coming Christmas cards will be the wording. So many inspirational options. One very simple choice (that we used two years ago on our cards, in fact) is Believe.

Yes! Believe! It's fantastic. It's concise. Clear. Beautiful.

But let's make that practical for ourselves.  What am I believing?

I know what I tell others I believe.  But what am I honestly believing when I'm driving my car?  When I'm brushing my teeth?  When I'm reviewing the day in my mind before I fall asleep?

We all believe something. It's impossible not to.

So really, the Christmas card might as well say "Breathe" or "Eat too much on Thanksgiving." These things are all happening as long as we are on earth.

Belief causes behavior.  I know this.

So that begs the question: What am I currently believing?  How is that belief shaping my days?  Or put another way, what am I not in the habit of believing that I know deep down is true? How is that lack of belief altering my course?

So here is where I put myself out there and answer my own question.  You know I'm going to share too much information about myself. Let's be honest, that's why you like reading...

I believe if I could just ____ I would be happy. -put a little more in the bank -work for that company -lose 15 pounds -be friends with her. -scoot that other person out of my life for good.

Simply. Not. True.

None of that is true.  But if I'm honest, I believe them on some level today.  I need to start believing (or re-believe rather) this Truth I was reminded of in church this morning:

He is able to help me overcome my issues.  He has power and He has (alarmingly) allowed for it to work in me.  Why though?  For His glory.

It actually has far less to do with me than I would like to think.

So, your turn. Pause and reflect.  What are you believing today that is not true?  What should you re-believe that you aren't currently?

Stop reading! Think about it for a second.

Did you stop? I know you didn't. I never do either. You should have though...ok that's the end of my lecture.

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