How Big is Your Brave?

I’m behind. Like years behind. I know this and I have made peace with it. I find out all things cool from my younger sister. Even she is getting up there in years. Unlike me, however, she seems to have a firmer grasp on “hip” so my coolness factor will be going strong for at least a few more years until she ages out of the system. She is the one who told me about Sara Barellis a few years ago. I’ve been listening hard to the one album I have of hers and, on a recent trip to visit said cool sister, I was exposed to another one of her songs.

It’s about bravery. And I love it. Have you seen the video? Here it is. It’s worth a gander.

Don't you just love it?! It makes me tear up every time. I know that's weird. I should have kept that to myself.

Did you notice the onlookers reactions to the brave dancers? There was a mix of confusion and alarm (I LOVE the guy at the end who thought maybe the dancer took the wrong pill! Ha!) but then in the end, the people in the crowd smiled.

There is something deep in each of us that wants to be able be that bold. We want to step out and do that “thing” we’re afraid of. But we stop short.

What are “they” going to say? What if “they” don’t like us?

You know what? “They” are thinking the same thing. About you. You are their “they.” {This is getting confusing.}

I have two questions for us:

1. Where in your life can you step out and be brave instead of scared?  Some of my own bravery is going to be popping out soon. I’m working on a few new things. Things that make me scared to do but things I’m going to do nonetheless. Maybe my bravery can be the catalyst for someone else’s.

2. Who could you encourage to be brave?  Remember: You are someone’s “they.” If you’re a mom, you know who you can encourage. If you’re married, you have your answer too. If you’re in the workforce, those are your people. If you have a place where you live (which I sincerely hope you do), you have neighbors.

Your turn. I would sincerely love you hear your answers in the comments.  Come on.  Don't be a chicken... Just kidding...But seriously.  Leave a comment.