Maker #8: Bottle of Tears

Oh this girl.  She's not technically a "maker" in that she doesn't make her bottles but she is a small business owner and she is too impressive NOT to talk about.

I met Lindsey a few weeks back and her story has stuck with me.  Like in a really convicting and inspiring way. She spent years feeling completely terrible and no doctors were able to find an answer. She tried every imaginable cure to no avail.  Finally, the last doctor correctly diagnosed her with Lyme Disease.

Here is the rest of her story in her own words:

I remember thinking,"Praise the Lord, I have a real diagnosis.  I'm not sure what Lyme Disease is but at least these antibiotics will fix me.  Oh man, I wish that would have been the case.  I'm still sick.  But, I refuse to give up HOPE.  I know that God has made me for more than just this sickness.  I want to love others even in my brokenness.  I think for a long time I was waiting to be healed before I would allow myself to dream.  Not anymore.  Bottles of Tears was birthed out of the many hours of my own tears.  Years later, I am just now realizing and am starting to grasp how much God loves me...just the way I am.  He doesn't want me whole before I start to give of myself. 

So, here I am friends.  I'm broken.  I'm in pain most of the day.  I am a mom to my precious adoptive daughter (who also has adoption trauma/struggles too many to list).  But, I'm here and want to pray for you.  I want you to know that you aren't in this alone.  Let's keep fighting!   God hasn't given up on us. 

How this changes me today

You guys, this girl is DOING it!  She is actively reaching out to the hurting even as she is actively hurting herself.  How many of us (me too!) wrongly think we need to get our own pain behind us before we can turn our attention to someone else.  I like this girl's bottles, but I like her heart even more.  

When you order:

When God puts a hurting person on your heart you go to her website ( and choose which vintage bottle you'd like to send.  Inside each bottle, rolled up in a darling fashion, is this print:

Here is the finished product.  Does it get any cuter than that?  No, no it does not.

Here is where you can find Lindsey:

Facebook: Bottle of Tears

Instagram: @bottle_of_tears