Our Bowl of Rocks

I am going to just assume you didn't know you needed a bowl of rocks.  Well, friend, you have a lot to learn... I was an attendee at the Declare Conference.  It’s a conference of Christian Women writers.  I felt like I was in Disneyland.  Partially because I was sans children and partly because there were many sponsors with seriously precious ministries.

That I could support.

By buying things

Being new to the blogging, I didn't know if these girls were going to welcome a newbie.  I was on the lookout for a friendly girl.  Then I saw a girl who was selling things AND she looked friendly.  Yesss!

A friendly person + things to buy = a win for sure.

I began to chat with said friendly girl and discovered hers is one of the few blogs I actually read which automatically makes her famous.

Double win!  Her name is Anna and she can be found at Girl with Blog.

While at her table, an unusual item caught my eye.  It was a ceramic bowl with hand painted pieces inside.  When Anna told me about it, I knew I needed it for my homeys.

The proper name for the "bowl of rocks" is a Milestone Blessing Bowl and it is based on Joshua 4:21-22.

He said to the Israelites, 'In the future when your descendants ask their parents, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’

Each "rock" is a different topic and there are a million ways it can be used.  When I first explained it, the  homeys were like, "eh." But then we used it, and it was a fast favotire.

The discussions immediately went from “Mom, YOU cooked my hot dog wrong!” and “HE’S BUGGING MEEEEEE!” to “I’m really concerned about going into my new classroom this week” and “I’m so thankful for the time God rescued me so I didn't drown in the pool.”


What I gained: I remained planted in my seat for the ENTIRE meal and did not get up early to wash dishes.  I typically struggle to sit while everyone finishes because I eat at the speed of sound.  Or light.  Depending on the day.

Honestly, I think I might also have been watching to see if I could spot the aliens when they brought my real family back.

The husband's takeaway: It gave him a chance to share what is on his mind.  His thoughts don't always get drawn out amidst hot dog preparation scandals and sibling irritation complaints.

For the kids: It stopped them from inventing new things they needed of me every 8 seconds throughout the meal.   Because they were engaged in conversation.  Conversation that mattered. Also, from a social perspective, it enabled the kids to practice speaking, listening, and turn taking.

Even still, I was sure their serious interest was a fluke.  But at the next meal there were insistent voices pleading to do the “bowl of rocks” again.  To this day, the enthusiasm has not waned and it has quickly become a “thing” at our house.  In fact, we just returned from a short vacation and we did the "bowl of rocks" to discuss important memories from the trip.

I asked the girl child what she liked best about the activity:

“Well, they are glass” (that is inaccurate by the way) “and I like the blank rock  because I get to talk about whatever I want and you HAVE to listen." As if I don't listen to her all day!  Ugh.

I asked the boy child his opinion.  He said, “cracker” and “lawnmower.”  While completely unhelpful, but I was thankful he contributed.

Long story short, buy a bowl of rocks here.

Also, I wrote this of my own free will.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  I can't get anyone to compensate me for ANYTHING!  It's like I'm just doing this as a hobby or something.