But Not Whiskers on Kittens

I don't like cats. I fail to understand their point. Thus, kitten whiskers are not a few of my favorite things. Animals in general are not my favorite. I know what you're thinking, so I will just say it: I'm heartless. Sorry, Julie Andrews.


Since we're on the topic, here are some things that were not my favorite about June: #1 The ringworm-ish nastiness I contracted from the Renaissance festival petting zoo. Do I know exactly what it is? Um, no. I don't go to the doctor, I'm a nurse.

That's not entirely true, I do take the kids to the doctor. I'm just pretty sure I can solve this skin disorder myself.

Even though it's growing...and there was one and now there are three.

Don't worry. I totally keep it covered. I have always said if you're going to get a rash at a freaky festival, the least you can do is be classy about the bandage. That's why I'm rocking a vintage Mickey, two Candylands and a Scooby Doo. Like a boss. I don't want to talk about it. If it comes to the point that my leg turns black and I need to have it amputated, I WILL go to the doctor for the surgery. I'm not completely ridiculous.

Moving on.

#2 Thermostats that don't listen. This is where it used to live. I had several friends over last night and, even though I kept setting it to 74 degrees, it persisted in resetting itself to 85 degrees...like 7 times. My guests thought I was trying to kill them. That needs to not happen again.

June was actually awesome though. We had seven house guests, a road trip for a 102nd birthday party, and tons of laughter . These were some of my favorite things about June:

#1 I like the hula-hooping from dawn 'till dusk.

#2 I like that the boy child looks like a middle-aged man sometimes.

#3 I like that there has been a random bubble hanging around the house since Father's Day.  Is that some sort of record?

#4 I like that the doves in our courtyard had two babies. They have since been eaten by the neighbors cat (which is unfortunate) but they were TOTALLY ADORABLE before lunch.

#5 I like that in June, there's that thing where you have to paint a cardboard house and then paint yourself while eating excessive amounts of goldfish crackers.  We don't make the rules, folks.  We just follow them.


#6 I like that sometimes when you buy a house, the previous owner leaves a three-foot statue that happens to look like your husband (if said husband had an alarming case of dry skin) so you keep it in your courtyard and sometimes you get startled because you think a dwarf broke into your back yard to stare at you. I don't like that last part as much.

#7 I like that sometimes in June, you put on two hats and let snot hang out on your face like it's normal.

Your turn.  What were a few of your favorite things about June?