Maker #20: Caleb Faires

I know of today's featured maker because of his hand-lettering work for She Reads Truth.  If you ever use the lock screen downloads they provide for your phone, you've probably seen his work.  He also did the lettering for the Bottle of Tears print that I featured earlier in this series.  Here's some of his work that's the lock screen of my phone right now:

What I like about his shop

His work has a different feel to it than most of the hand-lettering work I've seen.  My favorite pieces in shop right now are these:

Aren't they awesome?!  He has a whole series on falling animals which is so interesting and fun to look at.  Who would have ever thought to draw falling animals?  This guy.  Go check out his shop and find a unique piece for your home today!

Find him here:


Instagram: @calebfaires