Maker #28: CK Stitches/Pitter Patter Art

Hi guys!  Today is a double-whammy again.  There are only 4 days left of these 31 Days of Makers shenanigans and I have too many small businesses I want to share!  Today we have two amazing seamstresses: Caroline and Laura.

I "know" Caroline through Instagram and really love all the fun pictures she posts about what she's thankful for and what she's sewing.  She's a great one to follow if you are looking for creative Instagram folks.

My favorite thing in her shop would have to be either the crayon rolls


 or this zippered pouch. 


 I mean really.  Will someone just break down and buy this for me?  If I could only buy one, the pouch would win because I am not even going to kid myself for a moment that my particular children would place crayons neatly into a crayon roll.  That is a pipe dream.  But that pouch, I would use that guy until the zipper zipped right off!

Here is where you can find her.  Please stop to check out her scarves, baby items and coffee cup cozies too!

Shop: CK Stitches

Instagram: @ckstitches

Next is Laura

I am familiar with Laura first because of her mixed media art.  Also, I really love her blog because she writes in a very down-to-earth way about her life and ways she is trying to make a difference in the lives of others.  Her and her kiddos are almost always baking some goodness up to give away and doing random acts of kindness in their community.  We could all learn a lot from the practical way she loves others.

My favorite things in her shop right now are her camera straps and her bracelets!


Here is where you can find Laura:


Instagram: @pitterpatterart

Facebook: Pitter Patter Art