Infertility and The Extra Click

God sees something else. And He just may know somethings we don't...


  On Sunday our pastor reminded us of this with an illustration from his own life. His toddler son really wanted the hot sauce he was eating but he wouldn't give it to him because, while it seemed great from a distance, it wasn't the BEST choice for a one year old. From the son's perspective, his dad was cruelly withholding the goods and the son was clearly missing out.  

And he WAS missing out! Missing out on a rude awakening and intense pain. Rather than being thankful, however, he is just plain old mad.   Hmmmm. I wish I didn't see so many connections between myself and that one year old child.   I have been blessed richly by my Father throughout my life. He has not withheld good from me. But I've not gotten everything. I was never a model and I am still not independently wealthy. Most glaringly though was that I wasn't able to have children. That is one tough pill to swallow.

For anyone who has ever attempted to choke down a calcium pill, it's bigger than that.   For anyone who knows me even a little, you know that I DO have kiddos now through adoption. But they didn't come overnight. It was a looooong and very treacherous road. It still brings tears to my eyes to remember.

Not getting what we think we really need from God is not pleasant.   I am a guest over at Perfection Pending on the infertility piece and I want to encourage you to read it.  You can click here. 

I know! I am asking for "the extra click."  No one wants the pressure of the extra click. I can say that because I am not a fan of the extra click. I am happy to do it if it was MY idea but when YOU tell me to, well now I simply don't have time.   Well friends, I am asking you to push past your desire to run.  Here is another chance.   

Do it for yourself. You just might be encouraged about "that thing" you're waiting on.   Do it for a friend who might be in the throws of infertility who would benefit from the perspective of someone who has experienced it.   Final chance guys.  Together, we can make this extra click happen!