Maker #17: Gracelaced

gracelaced header.jpg

So Ruth.  I don't know her in real life but I am familiar with some of her happenings because of Instagram.  What I've gathered from my (very appropriate and not at all creepy) Instagram stalking is the following:

  • This tiny woman has 6 children.  And they are all boys.  Just let that sink in for a moment.
  • She is consistently finding God at work in her daily life. The wisdom in her posts is rich and encouraging and worth looking into.  Sign up for her blog, follow her on Instagram. Wherever you like to hang out.  You'll be blessed.  
  • And then there's the fact that she's pretty handy with a brush. Please feast your eyes on this business:  

In my five minutes of being an "artist" I have learned that depicting clear items (like that mason jar) is very difficult.  So impressive!  I also love this one:

Ruth has many different types of prints in her shop and some original paintings as well. There is now a Christmas section as well and she will also do custom work.  

You can find her here:


Facebook: GraceLaced

Instagram: GraceLaced