Grandmas, Time Capsules and Chocolate Bugs

8th grade girls pic.JPG

I'm participating in a Blog Hop instigated by Emily and Ashley with the topic of Remember the Time...  Today we're writing about slumber parties.  So here goes.

In elementary school I had this friend who threw the best slumber parties ever. I remember lots of playing volleyball in her living room and TPing the homes of cute boys. She also had super cool parents. This much is obvious. They set up a volleyball net in their house, people. They were artists from San Francisco, I think. They out-cooled everyone in our entire state of Arizona. At least that’s how I remember it -6th grade was a loooong time ago. I read this recently and I thought of them.

Throughout elementary school we had tons of parties but all these years later, three moments stand out:

The Time Capsule I remember a certain shoe box we masterfully transformed into a time capsule. I can’t recall the contents, but I’m pretty positive a New Kids on the Block cassette, a puffy paint t-shirt and some neon leg warmers were in there. Next, we buried it outside her bedroom window. I would love to know what happened to it. If I was brave, I would go dig it up. I am not brave. And they don’t live there anymore. And I moved away too. This plan is just not fleshing out.

The Grandma I remember prank calls. Hours of looking people up in the yellow pages and dialing away. On a phone that was connected to a wall. That had no caller ID. My kids are never going to believe we survived like that. The majority of us were the worst at the pranking but when it was Roxy’s turn, things got good. That girl could keep strangers talking. She was our hero. She called one poor grandma and pretended to be her granddaughter. For a really long time. Roxy had mad prank skills. I always wanted to be good at prank calling. I excel at organizing cabinets though so that’s really neat…

The Chocolate Insects I cannot fail to mention the night we almost died. It's foggy, but I remember at one point we had vanilla ice cream. In an effort to add pizzazz, we doused it with Nestle's Quik powder. Many minutes into our feast, we realized the Quik was full of what we assumed were dead bugs. Well, as you can imagine with eight elementary school girls at 2 AM, hysteria ensued. At the ripe old age of eleven, even after pooling ALL of our mental resources, we were not sure what happened to the human body when bugs were eaten. But we were confident it ended in death. A reasonable choice would have been to wake the cool parents (sleeping in their undoubtedly hip PJs) and ask them to save our lives. But, we surmised this was a conundrum only 911 could solve. We stayed on the line until we were entirely assured that we were, in fact, going to live to lip sync to (and with apparently) Milli Vanili another day. And we did. It was a close one.