Opportunities to "Grow as a Person"

Man, this week. I tell ya. I can’t remember the last time I had so many back to back opportunities to grow as a person.

Issue #1: My best friend (who thankfully is my husband) is a computer guy. He was helping me with a computer issue I was having and {BAM} all my blog documents vanished.

You know, the words you guys hang on?

Gone. Like magic. Except even the magician himself didn’t know how the trick worked.

It’s ok.  I was needing to organize those files and now I don't have to! Silver lining: found.

Issue #2: I recently realized that my email blog subscribers had disappeared. ALL. OF. THEM. That's a problem for me.  I now have two followers. One of which is myself (I should not admit things like that) and the other is my friend from college. Thanks, Karen!  You win the faithful friend award.

If you would like to get my posts in your inbox, go ahead and enter your email address in the right side bar, the tab on the left of the screen, or use the box at the bottom.  I got excited about the subscription boxes.

You can subscribe or not, totally your choice, but you should know this post has a chain letter element to it and if you don’t subscribe, your pet will get fleas sometime in the next ten days. I don't want it to have to come to that. So go on. Fluffy's comfort depends on it.

Issue #3: I am going to meet famous people and interview them and photograph them in a week. If anything can strike fear into the heart of a painfully new blogger, it’s when words like “red carpet,” and “interview celebrities” and "take really good pictures” get put together in a sentence directed at you.

I am not.  Basically, I am good at grammar.  Which led to this fantastic chance to learn from the ladies at 5minutesformom.com which opened up the opportunity to photograph celebrities.

It's like if you were super at knitting scarves so you ended up being asked to DJ at the hottest night club in town.

If you're like me, you would go ahead and give it a try because, why not? I can totally do this.

I could NOT show up on the red carpet with my iphone to take pictures. Nopes. Other red carpet people would pat me on the head and call me “cute.” And that is not my dream adjective for the red carpet. I had never actually nailed down a red carpet adjective for myself but I am confident that's not it.

I needed to step up my photography game (or at least find out where the game was being held) so I bought a big girl camera.  At this point I can change lenses all by my self but I do keep removing the battery instead of the memory card.  Baby steps. All I have to do is be a professional photographer in 7 days.  No pressure.

And I have been blessed to receive emergency photography lessons with a seriously talented photographer and friend, Charlie Prenzi. I have learned a great deal! I have always wanted to learn about photography and to say this experience has been a "catalyst" would be an understatement.  I feel very thankful.  My children, however, mainly feel annoyed that I keep taking their pictures.  There are so many feelings.

On an unrelated but equally important note, I have heard that if you faint (or do something else humiliating on accident), you can sometimes get onto the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I'm not planning to fall, it's just that I fall on a regular basis so, those of you who pray, go ahead and ask that if I MUST fall, it would be very publicly and endearingly so as to end up on the Ellen show.

I have earned this. I am, after all, really good at grammar.

In conclusion, if you want, subscribe (or re-subscribe) to my blog. This will ensure that Fluffy will stay flea-free and you have the added bonus of play by plays of my red carpet trippings and how close I am to appearing on the Ellen show.

Ellen, if you're reading this (which you probably are), I am also willing to be a guest on your show without all the tripping. Totally your choice.