Maker #13: Haute Candles

Today's featured Maker is my friend Kari.  We go waaaay back to Elementary school.  She is one of those people who is always smiling and seems to lead a charmed life but really, it's because the girl works SO hard.  She has a family, a job and has ALSO managed to build a thriving candle business.  

Her shop is based out of Oregon and she provides clean burning, hand-poured soy candles with wax from the United States.  She makes the candles in glasses so you can use them for drinks when your candle is gone too! She also has wax burners and melts for the burners and tea lights as well.

What I was SUPER excited about was seeing just how many scents she has!  Wow.  Go here to scroll down the list.  She has so many interesting scent combinations but I had to go with the old favorite- Pumpkin Chai Latte.  It's on it's way to me right now.  Can't wait!

Oh and last but not least, I love her taste in signage!  ;)  I just had to.

Here's where to find and follow Kari.  You'll be glad you did!

Facebook: Haute Candles