Maker #7: HEart by CC

Why I like CC

Reason to buy #1: This girl is so talented and encouraging all at once.  Her shop offers prints, jewelry and t-shirts.  All the messages are upbeat and usually include either a cute trailer or a VW bus.  Adorable!

Reason to buy #2: One day I saw on Instagram that she was looking for vendors to donate an item or two for something she does each month called "Bless Her HEart."  She takes nominations from people who know a woman going through a hard time (i.e. loss of a spouse, cancer, etc.) who could use some tangible encouragement and then sends the vendor item to them to brighten their day!  How great is that?  Great indeed.

Reason to buy #3: She is using her talent to raise funds to cover the cost of therapy for her son.  Everybody wins!  

My favorite thing in her shop right now is this one:

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Facebook: HEart by CC

Instagram: @heart_by_cc

Shop: HEart by CC