How to Know Which Way to Go?

Each of us have walked through rough, heartbreaking seasons.  One of mine was the six-ish years (that felt like infinity) when we were trying to grow our family.  Kids just wouldn't materialize.  No matter what "yes" we said to God, His answer was "no."  So hard.  So confusing.  

If you're struggling specifically with some form of infertility and would like some more light reading on the topic (wink, wink) I wrote some more about it here and here.  

Well today, friends, you also have the opportunity to hear me SAY all the things about infertility and adoption because I was recently interviewed on the topic!  My sweet friend Heather has a podcast called the God Centered Mom and we chat this week about the struggle to know which way to go in the middle of a personal valley.  

So click on over to the God Centered Mom and have a listen!  Also I'm giving away a canvas print to one lucky commenter on her blog so head over and enter that business!