Halloween Bash

Did you know a competition was recently held for the best Halloween costume in your state?  Did you also know that the winner was sent to compete against all the other state's winners? Did you know that I already know who won because I was there?   Well, it's true.  **Spoiler alert: The winner is from a state I have lived in.  But I have lived a million places so that really isn't much of a clue at all...**

The Joke

I chatted with and photographed several celebrities. I asked Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live if he was nervous to meet me...

In my head it seemed funny. To his head, it seemed dumb.

He was very nice about it though. My funny-deficiency is NOT his issue. He said, "Why would I be nervous to meet you? We're all just regular people."

Hmmm...Then whyI am behind a fence taking pictures of you? Something isn't adding up.

I would have mentioned that fact to him but I had already struck out once.  Too many more blunders and I will never host Saturday Night Live.

When looking through my pictures, however, I realized I get these SAME looks from the people in my life.

The logical conclusion:  Celebrities must be regular people after all because they, and the people I know in real-life, seem to think I say weird things.   At least this shows I am consistent(ly odd). I've learned so much.

Ok, so click here to read my real write-up of the event and see my awe-inspiring celebrity pictures.  And don't forget to tune in to the Hub Network's Halloween Bash Saturday night!!

And seriously, if you need to meet two "regular people" who happen to be filthy rich and famous, meet Kenan Johnson and Hal Sparks.  They were friendly, kind and (of course) stinking hilarious.