If This Happened To Anyone Else, They'd Be Dead

We prepared for the shot.  She had her special doll, full permission to suck her thumb, and the promise of sweet treats afterwards. And so, like virtually every parenting experience I have ever had, everything went PERFECTLY...right up until the time the actual shot entered the room. It was at this point the business hit the fan.

I sang songs.  I stroked hair.  I tried distracting her with random questions.  Nothing worked.  The girl child screamed so loud I couldn't hear out of my left year for a couple hours.  I wish that part was a joke.  

I knew we had achieved some notable decibels by the looks on the faces of the office staff as we left the torture chamber. They offered knowing smiles.  They may have said words too but, like I said, I had some short-term hearing loss.

So that was yesterday.  The story continues.  As I mentioned before, I'm clumsy.  Today was no exception. My foot got in the way of a door I was opening.  It really hurt.  I dropped to the ground and rolled around.  I don't know why all the rolling.  It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

It was at this moment, the girl child cruised by.  Though she didn't slow down at all, she managed to glance at her mother in a heap on the floor and flatly add,

"My shot hurt worse than that."

Super...And I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

As I lay on the floor writhing in pain, I had the following three deep thoughts:

#1 She's awesome.  Love her sometimes-painful-but-always-hilarious wit.

#2 I really need to open doors more slowly. Come. On.

#3 We are all like her sometimes. If we're not careful, we assume our issues are decidedly worse than those of most other people because we have experienced ours personally. We're living them.

Get over that silly shot, don't you know my foot is about to fall off?  

I tell my kids (almost daily) that they are not the center of the universe.  I know for a fact they're not because, if I'm honest, I kinda think I am.

Phillippians 2:3-4 says:

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility regard others as more important than yourselves; do not only look out for your own interests, but also the interests of others.

We recently joined a community group at our church.  I'm excited about the growth and challenges that occur within a close group of people seeking to be more like Jesus. It occurred to me today, however, that I've been in a community group the whole time.  My little family is its own community group.  Our goal is united, we know each other well, we make each other crazy, and we have no problem pointing out hypocrisies we spot in one another.  We may even like that part. A lot.

So I'm thankful for the way God is using the girl child in my life as a mirror. I'm grateful that He was kind enough to give me a witty mirror.

How have other people been used as mirrors in your life recently?