I'm in Charge of my Eyeballs.

Ah, this picture. I love it because it perfectly encapsulates this season.  

My three favorite parts of this picture:

1. Look at my girl's smile. That's her royalty smile right there, folks. The girl child is a princess through and through. If you have met me, you know this was not my doing. I was actually secretly "anti" the whole princess situation. Surely that is why she likes it so much.

She gets dressed up like a princess to go to the grocery store. It doesn't end there. She refuses to ride in a cart because "all the people won't be able to see my dress as well" and she holds her hair up and away from her ears so passersby can get an unhindered glimpse at her blingin' clip-ons. And she doesn't do it in a nonchalant manner. She grabs her hair from the ends and holds it straight out to either side as if to show how it would look if she were caught in a wind tunnel.

If the people are completely immune to cute and don't comment on her splendor, she looks incredulously at me and says (while they are still RIGHT THERE mind you), "They didn't even SAY ANYTHING?!?" I just smile at the people and continue to fill my cart with boxes of mac and cheese. Everything will be ok if we just have some more carbs...

2. The boy child is on the cusp of his terrible twos. He is tired to his core of seeing me and my camera. I cannot help it. The kid is cute.  Not my fault.  Annnnnd I just got a new camera.

Nothing in him wants to be present for A-NO-THER picture, buuuut on the other hand, I am offering chocolate cream cheese frosting on a spoon. His stomach won out over his tired core, and he stayed.

Determined to not obey entirely and knowing that I cannot control his physical eyeballs, he has taken to looking ANYWHERE other than me during pictures. I have so many pictures of the whites of his eyes. People are going to start to assume he has vision issues. But you will know better. You will know he has mommy-issues. Already.

3. And of course, a third favorite part of this pic: the chocolate cream cheese frosting.