It's So On.

The hubby and I were recently asked by a friend what we would do if we were given $200 to spend on a date. We both instantly replied, “Sushi!” We have a serious problem. We love raw fish with amazing passion. I’ve suggested replacing the mortgage budget with a sushi allowance and moving into the Toyota.    "Mr. Responsible" says that’s “not a good idea.”

I’ve told you before that we are expanding as a couple.  I am about 3 years into not being able to wear most of my clothes. My closet has become a museum where I go hunting for the same large t-shirts and sweat pants while the rest of the items just hang there, bored and dusty, staring at my widening back-side.

Anyhoo, my dear husband inquired yesterday if I was competitive. I immediately retorted (in my head of course because I’m ALWAYS pleasant out loud) Um, we have been married for 8 years. Shouldn’t you know the answers to these types of questions by now?

Then I thought about it.  I wasn’t sure of the answer myself.

“Well, I don’t think so...” I said sweetly.

Then came the proposition: “Let's have a contest to reach our goal weights and the winner gets that $200 to spend on themselves.”

“Whaaaaaat?  It's so ON, Dude!” I said (like an obnoxious guy trying to start a fight at a football game).

Perhaps I am slightly competitive.

The rules set and goal weights established, the competition commenced.

So long, cheddar cheese baby bump.  I am looking forward to wearing my (previously uncool, now laughably outdated) smaller clothing.

I will win.  Either slowly, through healthy food choices and exercise, or at the eleventh hour by removing whatever body part weighs roughly 15 pounds.  I am not above amputation.  And since I am a nurse, I am pretty sure I can handle this at home.  I'll just put down some newspaper.

I'm going to need your help.  Either by encouragement or scowling.  Whatever you're best at.

Having hundreds of supporters should give me the advantage I need over the person I have chosen to love for the rest of my days.  I must beat him.

Listen.  I added this picture to fuel our fire.  Don't be fooled.  He does look like the nicest guy ever.  He is.  That's beside the point.  He's being ruthless.  He will stop at nothing to be healthy and win this money.  My money.  He's eating asparagus and cabbage and all sorts of other craziness.  He goes running.  Clearly people, he must be stopped.

So, yeah, I guess I would say I’m (an appropriate amount of) competitive.