Maker #18: Ivey Expressions

Today's maker is Joanna Ivey of Ivey Expressions!  I recently met this fun girl and had an opportunity to see her work.  I had an entire weekend to look at all the bags she had and it took an entire weekend to choose one.  I wanted them all.  And I don't even have that many purses.  I just needed all of the ones she was selling.

What I love about her shop

What I love about this shop is that her product is completely customizable.  She makes the style of bag that suits you with any additional handles and add-ons you want, and she uses whatever material you love.  You basically get the perfect purse for you and no one else has it. 

Another reason I love this shop is that she is raising money for her family's domestic adoption. As an adoptive mom myself, that just gets me every time.  Buy her purses people.  Bring that baby home!

Additionally, I love that once you get the purse of your dreams, there are so many ways to wear it.  It might be hard to see from the picture, but there is a zipper at the edge of the fold over part where you can put even more stuff.  It's so handy.

The One I Finally Chose

Here is the one I eventually decided on.  She has all kinds of fancy ones, but I am a gray t-shirt and jeans kind of girl so this one was perfect for me and I use it nearly every stinking day!

So go find Joanna and get yourself the perfect purse in time for Christmas!

Shop: Ivey Expressions

Facebook: Ivey Expressions

Instagram: @IveyExpressions