Maker #19: Jessica N Designs/NS Pottery

Today's featured maker is a double whammy.  Jessica N Designs and NS Pottery.  I thought these two went so well together I couldn't resist putting them on the same day!

See the connection?  One makes fantastic mugs and one makes adorable stirring spoons!  Listen. They both make lots more than just these items alone but these are the ones that have forever paired them together in my mind.

Other Items I Love

My favorite thing in Jessica's shop is this awesome sweatshirt because it sums up my desires perfectly.

And then there's this pie server.  Hilarious!!

My favorite thing from NS Pottery's shop is this necklace I snagged from the conference I attended last month.  (And by "snagged" I don't mean "stole."   I totally paid for it.)

And then this mug I have and love so much.  It holds like three cups people.  Finally a mug that is the "right" size!

Here is where you can find these girls and their wonderful wares:

Shops: Jessica N Designs /  NS Pottery

Instagram: @jessicandesigns / @nspottery