Ketchup Cookies are Not My Jam.

Ketchup.  Not a polarizing food. Most people are okay with it.  Some people love it more than average though. 

Ketchup enthusiasts put it on their cars:

They print it on their plates:

They speak of it on their clothing:

They dress like it:

I am completely fine with all of that!  I realize I talk about coffee a whole lot so I get it.  I recently ran across something on the back of my ketchup bottle with which I took issue, however.  While preparing my children's usual healthy and balanced meal (of frozen chicken nuggets and ketchup) I saw a recipe for ketchup cookies on the bottle?!  No way, Jose.

I initially had a great big problem with this.  And then I remembered that in college, my pastor's wife told me grilled cheese sandwiches were really good with strawberry jam on top.  I wouldn't have bought that  normally, but she wasn't a joker and she was a pastor's wife so I kinda figured she wasn't lying.  I tried it and LOVED it.  I still eat them that way today.  Because of this experience, I decided to give the ketchup cookies a shot.

My friend Aaron took on the challenge himself when he saw my picture on Instagram.  Here is his picture of the batter (blech).

Once mixed, the dough was a concerning shade of orange.  I found the smell of the batter severely off-putting.  But the show must go on.  My readers (all three of you guys) were depending on me to get through this.  I was strong for you.

When the oven timer dinged, the smell of peanut butter cookies and hot ketchup wafted throughout the house...and it nearly made me lose my lunch. 

My friend Aaron's assessment: "a bit lighter than the average peanut butter cookie, with a nice balance of salty and sweet.  Pretty good really."

My daughter hardcore loved them and swore there was no ketchup in them (even though she saw me put it in) and declared them better than my chocolate chip cookies.  I could tell by the look on her face that this comment was strategically added to get a rise out of me.  Cheeky little thing.

The boy child loved them too but I am pretty sure he ate a roly poly yesterday so I don't consider his palate very discerning at this point.

Next on the agenda: take them to unsuspecting neighbors and trick them into eating them.  This plan was foiled because said neighbor saw my posts about the recipe earlier and knows me well enough to know exactly what I was up to. Rats. She was happy to try them because (and I did not know this before) she is a huge fan of ketchup.  She loved them.  

So the verdict: everyone liked them a lot except me.  The official score: Heinz 1, Emily 0. 

Do you have an interesting food combination that you love?  Tell me about it!  I would love to give it a try.