Learned in November

Last month I learned: Capes make everything better.  I needn't say more.  It's obvious.

capes at mcdonalds.jpg

About Sandra McCracken's existence. She is some kind of wonderful in the singing/songwriting department.  She is married to Derek Webb if you know him.  Anyway, she's fantastic.

If you're American, Siri needs to be American.  If you want Siri to have a British accent, and you're the type that speaks text messages and emails into your phone like i do, you can't end a sentence by saying "period."  You must instead say "full stop." On second thought, give up talking into your phone entirely unless you also have a spot on British accent, vocabulary and sentence structure. Chalk it up to another fun idea turned into a mess of unintelligible text messages. If you got one from me, please disregard...mate.

Setting up the little tykes nativity ain't no joke. Leave her alone. She is trying to think.  I may have added extra pressure by telling her if she didn't get it juuuuust right Christmas would be over.  That last part didn't happen.

All the hosting and all the selling can happen simultaneously.  When you host Thanksgiving, everyone likes to bring the food and leave most of it at the host's house. In order to not have to store all the leftovers from Thanksgiving, all you have to do is sell your refrigerator during the meal...I may have timed it wrong. Wait, I totally timed it wrong. I told the people to come at 3 because I was SURE we would be done by then. As soon as the family finished eating the big meal, I asked them to hurry and help me clean out my fridge because someone was coming to buy it in approximately (exactly) 9 minutes. So, we did and I didn't have to keep gallons of green bean casserole. And the food we do have is in coolers in the backyard. All around classy.

There is a sailboat I might be interested in buying after all. My dear husband is forever wanting us to move onto a boat. In order to give him warm fuzzies, we try to periodically do something boat-related as a family. We recently went to a lake where I spotted it- A sailboat with a sense of humor. The boat's name was Serenity Now.  I love Seinfeld and love this episode especially. I even wrote about it here. So there you go, I'm interested in boats too all of the sudden.

You can be both 100% princess and 100% gun-loving daddy's girl. I didn't know. But I think it's awesome.


People really REALLY identify when you write about that time you cried on the kitchen floor.I wrote about it this month and wow, I struck several nerves.  In a good way.  For those of you who are writers, I triple-dog-dare you to mention that something or another had you crying on the kitchen floor. Please report back to me. I think that word combination might be magical. If it does turn out to be magical, I called it.

Doing your own work is SO last month.  One of the only tasks she has to do in life is put away the silverware. She prefers management positions though and has figured out a way to not work and still get to be the boss. She's in heaven and he's just happy to be here.

pawning off chores onto Porter.JPG

What about you?  What did November teach you?  I bet more than you think.  I'd love to hear some of them!