Maker #6: Lettered Life Shop

Today's maker is Caitlin from Lettered Life.  She has always been a creative girl who loved writing her name a million times as a child to practice getting it just right.  When she grew up, she hand-lettered all the invitations for her wedding (wow!) and loved it so much she opened a shop!  Hers would be great shop to keep in mind if you or someone you know is planning a wedding or some other fantastic event (And also, if you need my address to invite me to the event please let me know)(Especially if you are serving food).  Caitlin also makes custom address stamps that are adorable!  And if stamps aren't your thing she can also make them into stickers.  She is flexible like that.

Doesn't that make you wish you were one of the Anderson's from Michigan?! My favorite thing in her shop though is her custom stationary.  What a cute teacher gift this would be!

Caitlin's shop has almost 70 items in it including journals and mugs covered in her awesome handwriting.  You are sure to find something you love there!

Keep up with her here:

Facebook: Lettered Life

Instagram: Lettered Life