Lost: 4 Wheels

Yesterday was ROUGH! I don't know if it's a "southern thing" or I just had never heard the phrase "wheels off" but I've heard it repeatedly this year. It's a good descriptor of my yesterday. The wheels were off, my friends. They were off, they were rolling in four different directions and they were aflame.

Nothing was going right. I have never gotten in such a large scuffle with another human being over laundry. Over Laundry! So silly. So then I ate 6 pieces of chocolate cake for lunch. Bad, bad news. My kids each spend a portion of their days laying on the kitchen floor crying (for a myriad of random reasons that surely don't necessitate tears) so I thought I would try it too. No one was home and so I gave myself the luxury of a good kitchen-floor-cry. Except that then my husband came home and, if he didn't think I was weird from our previous decade of interactions, he does now.

I do an acceptable job of convincing myself that I am okay. I can make it through life and usually feel reasonably awesome about things. But yesterday, for some reason (actually two reasons: estrogen and progesterone) I could not get a full grasp of reality. I was trying. It was not working. After my floor cry (which was a little bit wonderful- no wonder they are always down there boo-hoo-ing) I went to the grocery store. I needed more cake (not really). On the drive over I was listening to the radio and I heard a song by Jill Phillips that said that even when you're "confounded by the evidence, God believes in you." This theme is all throughout Scripture. We have mounting evidence against us. We are really rotten a great deal of the time. And yet, amazing grace, we are valuable to Him. Through faith in Him, we are shielded by His great power (1 Peter 1) and nothing can separate us (Romans 8).

11 years ago today I fled a foreign country hoping to save my life. I secretly left in the middle of the night a country that I knew God didn't want me to travel in the first place. I went ahead and left anyway. That's pretty rotten. 11 years ago today many obstacles stood between danger and safety. I knew I had made a bad choice and didn't really deserve a miraculous rescue. I got one though. We can be fairly certain of many things in life. I'm fairly certain my pants will be snug this morning because of all the cake. I am fairly certain one or both of the children will find something to cry about on the floor today. I am certain I will make unwise choices again.

More important than all that, I am 100% certain of my position with Christ.

This Truth helps me find my wheels.