Me? Sweet?

I was just nominated for my first blogging award.

The Super Sweet Blogging award.

Stop laughing!  I can be sweet for minutes on end.  You've never experienced that? Well, just believe me then.  I only ask that you speak to no one who has ever met me in real life.

At first I thought it was a mistake because I'm not paired with this particular adjective as a general rule.  The Snarkiest Blogger on the Block might be a better fit but maybe that award doesn't exist.  I could always pioneer this snide new award but I would have to repeatedly give it to myself and, well, that just looks bad.

Seriously though, I think that's so kind.  I have been blogging for about 4.5 minutes now and I am painfully aware that I am stumbling my way through this.  So thank you, Jennifer!

This nomination naturally led me to reflect on sweet things I have done.

*crickets chirp*

After a short time, I decided to focus instead on sweet things other people have recently done. So here goes:

First, my cyber friend Sarah, over at Sariko Designs, and I had a nice virtual chat the other day.  Our friendship began when I started compulsively buying signs from her.

Now, I have never laid eyes on her.  "Sarah" might be a 67-year-old man named Harvey who lives in a log cabin in the back hills of Arkansas, but regardless, she/he makes some fantastic signs and is nice to chat with.

Well, do you know what good ole' Harvey just did?  She has volunteered to make a sign for one of you for a giveaway coming up in the near future.  I give her the Super Sweet Sign-maker award.

Secondly, I am honored to be part of a new venture called QuestCare Clinic in which medical professionals link arms to volunteer their skills in an act of love to an under-served area of Dallas.  I am super pumped to use my nursing skills to help people who otherwise could not afford to get services.  Opening a volunteer-run urgent care is not exactly easy, folks.  And so, to the people who have worked tirelessly on this beautiful project, I am pleased to present the Super Sweet Volunteer Urgent Care award.

Finally, the girl child and I recently entered a neighborhood bake-off.  I made a banana chocolate chip cake for the grown-up contest and she made lemon-lime bars for the kid contest.  We both won!  Here we are with our ribbons.

I feel compelled to mention that everyone else who entered the contest also "won" but let’s not focus on that.  Let’s focus on the fact that the ribbons we are holding say Winner, ok?

So, to our neighborhood, I would like to give the Super Sweet Neighborhood award.

Rules for the Super Sweet Blogger award:

  • Thank the super sweet blogger who kindly nominated you for the award.
  • Answer five super sweet questions.
  • Nominate a dozen other bloggers who you think deserve the award.
  • Comment to them to let them know you nominated them.

Time for the 5 sweet questions:

    1. Cookies or cake? Always cookies except if my friend Meghan made the cake.
    2. Chocolate or vanilla? Pumpkin.
    3. Favorite sweet treat? Pumpkin Pie.
    4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Right before bed. This is the secret behind my impressive ability to both gain and keep extra poundage.
    5. If you had a sweet nick name, what would it be? The hubs likes to call me "Nugget" because that word makes me queasy.  I guess that's...sweet?

My 12 super sweet nominees: