Maker #3: Messy Little Smiles Organics

messy little smiles header.jpg

Today's featured shop is Sarah of Messy Little Smiles Organics.  She is a California-based mom who set out to make lip balm that is safe for kids and adults.  She opened her shop pretty recently and she's doing really well.  If you look at her instagram feed, she has all kinds of customers taking pictures of themselves and their chapstick.  The girl is dynamic.  Not everyone would be able to build a community around lip balm.  Just sayin'.  

The other thing I love about her shop is pumpkin spice and apple cider flavors just for the holidays!  Some of this goodness is on it's way to my mailbox as we speak!

Another fun item she has in stock is an organic handmade teether.  My kids are (gloriously) past the teething age but I would go for one of these if they weren't.

Where you can find her:

Facebook Page: Messy Little Smiles

Instagram: @messylittlesmilesorganics

Shop: Messy Little Smiles

Go check out her shop and find your favorite flavor!