What Does Your Mirror Show?

Tonight for dinner we had Parisian Chicken.  It's basically chicken and wine sauce.  France is a country of geniuses.  Previously, I made this meal in the crockpot and it was not good.  I tried it again on the stove top this time and it was wonderful! The following conversation ensued over dinner:

Me: "This tastes much better than when I did it in the crockpot."

Girl Child: "Well, of course it does."

I'm embarrassed. Apparently, while I wasn't looking she went to culinary school in France.  Lesson learned: I need to keep better track of my children.

My mature thought process continued: Really?  2+3 is an unsolvable mystery but you knew Parisian chicken would taste better from the stovetop than the crockpot?  Quick.  Someone put a piece of cake in my mouth before I say something I will regret.

We are in a special phase where the girl child answers virtually every sentence I utter with, "I know, Mom."  As one of my husband's foreign friends likes to say, "It drives me up my bananas."

For the visual learners:

Do you remember the If...then statements you learned in Geometry?  Let's do one.  Just for old time's sake.

If she thinks she's always right and children are more or less mirrors of their parents then perhaps...er...her dad must act as if he is always right...

{I wish.  I would blame him if I could.  It's me.}

I can't take ALL the credit for her need to be right though.  Every one of us likes to be right and can usually finagle a way to make it seem true.  I attempt to apologize when I have made a mistake and I don't think I have to be right all the time but her recent leanings toward superiority have shed some light on the fact that she (and I apparently) would benefit from me doing some intentional modeling of humility and teach-ability.

Ironically, the two Thomas women who think they know everything actually have a lot to learn.

How have your children been mirrors to you lately?  I would love to hear about it!