Nazmin and Mark

You guys.  I'm loving you guys.  I keep talking about my customers in a gushy way and I am being sincere.  Nicest people ever.  

I had been thinking about what to do with the money I'm making from my shop now that I have my Rolls-Royce and my fur coat (which goes so nicely with my yoga pants by the way).  In all seriousness though, we all live such remarkably affluent lives compared to so many other people around the world (not a guilt trip- just a reality check) that I knew I needed to do something more important with the money than make myself more comfortable.  I am already completely miserable at times in my own comfort.  

At the Declare Conference there were many organizations represented who are making a substantial difference in the world right now.  Here are some of them for your encouragement that some good things are actually happening in the world: Gospel for Asia, Away We Go Co., No. 41, The Seed Company, Mercy House, Brave Love.

The one that got me (which always gets me) is Compassion.  We have two compassion kiddos from the same school in Bangladesh.  A girl the age of my daughter and a boy the age of my son.  They write letters to each other (or destroy paper with markers whichever the case may be) and they even have a way to write letters to your children online now which the girl child (who continues to teach me new things about my computer on a daily basis) loves.

I prayed about it for several months and in the end I knew I wanted to take on more kids from that same school.  I had already told my instagram peeps about it but I wanted to tell YOU about Nazmin!  

She is 9 years old and she loves singing and her job in her family is running errands.  Your sponsorship of Nazmin gives her the following: Bible teaching, nutritious food, medical treatment, hygiene and health education, games, special celebrations, picnics, tuition, tutoring, uniforms, shoes and academic support. The center staff will also provide meetings and child care education for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child.

So periodically I will tell you about what she's up to and keep you guys remembering that she's actually YOUR sponsored child because you all are making this possible.  So she thanks you and so do I!

It's not so much what I am learning at this moment as what I am about to learn.  I (ambivalently) signed up for a Bible study at my church recently.  It is a year long study on the Gospel of Mark. I was ambivalent not because I don't like the Bible but because what if the study is not very interesting?  What if the group doesn't "gel"? Also, it's at night and what if I'm really too tired to focus and I fall asleep and there is awkward public snoring?  

Well, let me put all of your minds to rest.  I went to the first meeting last night and it's going to be just fine.  There was lots of laughing and I learned so much in the first night alone!  What I love too is that there are older women in the group which I know I need because most days I just wonder what on earth am I even doing?  I sure am hoping they can tell me.  I wanted to take a picture of the group for y'all but that would have been weird on our first night.  Then again, so is going home and writing about all of them since they are still technically strangers.  But I can only reign in my weirdness for so long.  You understand.

Hope you all have a restful weekend and that you can take time to spot God at work around you.  That's my goal for the weekend.