Maker #16: No. 41


I've met sweet Tara a few times now.  She is the definition of a girl following a god-sized dream.  In 2010 she went to Rwanda for 2 weeks and couldn't get the experience out of her head so...she went back.  She moved right into an orphanage and 6 months later she had a vision and a plan.  She noticed many problems but decided to see what could be done to tackle two of them.  

Two Issues

  1. Tara noticed a general sense of hopelessness in the young women at the orphanage.  Solution: give them something to make that would yield a sustainable wage.  
  2. The second issue was middle and high school children who needed food to eat throughout their long school days.  Solution: feed them with the profits from the handmade items once the women are paid a fair wage for their hard work! 

The Results

As of last year, 380 children and 37 teachers are being fed daily!  Additionally, 32 girls are employed earning a sustainable wage.  10 of the women have moved themselves out of the orphanage and 19 of them are attending university! Click here to read the heartwarming/heartbreaking short bios of each girl.  No really.  It's worth your time.

Current Needs

Go shopping, friends.  There are aprons, purses, shirts and jewelry.  This is my bag:

Most of the bags are $75 and with that you get an awesome purse, a woman earns a fair wage and a school student is fed for a year.  Not too shabby.  This is my favorite one in the shop right now:

When you get yours, if you could go ahead and get me one too, that would be super-duper.

Find Tara, her seamstress posse and the well-fed students here:


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