And now I love a homeless donkey.

I think I know myself pretty well.  

After all, I have faithfully been with me since day one. I haven’t left my presence for even a moment. That’s more than I can say for any of you by the way.   It is this familiarity with myself that surprised me when I encountered Flash.

We have a golden doodle puppy.  

Everyone who sees her has  the same involuntary “Awwww (cute!)” noise come out of their mouths.  I don’t think they could stop themselves if they tried.  The noise I make sounds similar but is more along the lines of “Awwww (why did we get a puppy?!)”  I know, I know.  I am a terrible human and my heart is three sizes too small. Maybe someday I will change. At this point though, I only know she smells like a dog (go figure), she licks my shins when I put lotion on (sick) and I can’t put the tupperware away in the low cabinet without her biting my face.  

To sum up: animals are not my total favorite.  

Then my friend Rachel wrote a book about a donkey that showed up at their house one night . Annnnd she wanted me to read it.  I knew I would like it because I know Rachel,  And while I loved the randomness of the stray donkey story, I still wasn’t sure (knowing my special feelings about animals) that a donkey story would do it for me.

Meeting Flash

Well, I am happy to say I think my heart grew at least a one size after reading this book. Baby steps, right?  The book highlights 11 lessons Rachel learned as a result of Flash moseying onto their property to stay.  Each chapter is told so well that I found myself both nodding in agreement and laughing so loudly I was afraid I’d wake the kids. I was impressed with how honestly she told about some very hard struggles she was experiencing personally around time time Flash arrived.  I was even more impressed when she would seamlessly connect the struggle to a funny or perplexing antic from Flash and draw a very applicable life lesson from it.  

Her descriptions of the donkey are so vivid you can practically see him.  And she speaks of him so endearingly, you love him right away.  Yes, even I loved him which speaks highly of her writing skills.  I'm hoping her next book will be about my puppy...   

One more thing- It's Giveaway Time!

Because you are my people, I want to share Flash with all of you. I’m giving away a copy of this sweet book to one lucky winner!  To enter, leave a comment answering the following question:

Have you ever learned a life- lesson from an animal?  What was it? If you never have, what's wrong with you?

Just kidding about that last part.  I couldn't help myself.

Leave your comment to enter and watch this short book trailer to see Flash in "person."