In October I Learned:

  • Shopping for jewelery is a form of torture. Both for myself and the store clerks. Not only do I need them to hold my hand throughout the ENTIRE process, they have to help me again when I come to return it a few hours later because I'm just "not feeling it."  This scenario played out 5 times this month as I (over)prepared to go to Los Angeles for the red carpet event.
  • The best kid photos I take are when anyone involved is having gas.I recently shared some tips for improving your pictures of kids from people who actually know how to take pictures.  I didn't include this tip, but it works for me.  It is apparently quite hilarious. At this age they can't control the toots or the laughs. The hilarity of the human body overpowers the annoyance of mom taking pictures...again. Bean burritos, anyone?
hilarious toots .jpg
  • Platos Closet (a consignment store) is for Juniors.  What a relief! I couldn't fit into anything that was "my size." I moved on to the largest jeans in the store. Too tight. I asked the lady working behind the counter if I was a giant. She told me I might have better luck if I wasn't in juniors...I went to their sister store, Clothing Mentor, and all of the sudden, I was my size again! And far fewer things said, "Juicy" on the rear.  It was fantastic.
  • Simply removing half and half from the daily coffee isn't enough to lose weight.Especially if you replace those saved calories by eating your very own weight in Noosa yogurt. Apparently, weight loss is just math. Update on the weight loss competition: I'm bad at math. And my husband is an Engineer. He's been out of town though so here's to hoping he ate out a lot and fell off the wagon.  Unfortunately, he is pretty securely fastened to the wagon.
  • Pumpkin season is not the time for this girl to flirt with the Paleo Diet.I was going strong for 3 days then I found myself in Trader Joe's and bought a few of every pumpkin thing they had (except Pumpkin Seeds or actual pumpkins of course, that would have been a good choice).
  • I discovered PicMonkey.It is a very good and very free photo editor. All of my award-winning photos (*awards are currently given to me by me) are edited by PicMonkey. They don't know or care, but I am loyal to them.
  • If you asked me I would have said I feel pretty, "eh" about Halloween.Looking at this picture though, I guess I like it. A great deal.  Or maybe I just love my neighbors.
something was very funny..jpg

What did you learn in October?