Maker #21 Oh Sweet Joy

Today's featured maker is Kim of Oh Sweet Joy!  Her shop is full of just about every headband, shirt, tote and skirt you could hope to buy for yourself or another lady you know.  She even has kimonos which I had no idea could be all kinds of cute.

My favorite items in her shop are many.

Love this headband and shirt.

And I love this tote because it is the battle cry of my sugar-deprived body right now.

Because of all the healthy eating going down in the Thomas house at the moment, this would be the tote for me instead...

eat more kale.jpg

Another thing I love about her work is that she does it all in a closet!  I love hearing this because I do all mine in my laundry room!  It should be encouraging to everyone who thinks they don't have space to create things.  Just find a place and claim it as your studio!

Here is where you can find Kim and get some of her sweet joy:

Shop: Oh Sweet Joy!

Instagram: @ohsweetjoy