Are You Olaf Enough?

I have a young daughter which means I am intimately acquainted with Disney's new movie, Frozen.  I don't usually get excited about movies (especially cartoons) and Disney doesn't really do anything for me.  I would never (ever) wear a shirt with a Disney Character on it.  No offense to the Tinkerbell shirt you have on right now.  

It looks nice on you by the way.

That being said, if I was being forced under the threat of torture (like carb restriction or something) Iwould wear an Olaf shirt.

For those of you who don't know, Olaf is the fantastical little snowman from Frozen.  He is wildly optimistic and happier than makes any sense.  An example: he can hardly wait to experience his first summer.  He doesn't know what it will be like (or that he will no longer exist) but he is confident it will be the BEST.

Why do I like him so much?  Certainly not because we are similar.  He is an excited and sweet little ice creation.  

 I have never been called any of those things.

 My tendencies lean toward the Eyore end of the spectrum.  I'm not 100% repulsive though, as I manage to have Olaf friends.

And an Olaf spouse.

It continues to astound me how very differently two humans can view the same situation.  My Olaf husband and I are about to embark on a new adventure.  Discussion turned toward this upcoming change and I (in true Eyore-form) informed Olaf this change would most assuredly be "bad."  He stated that he couldn't disagree more (which only makes sense).  He doesn't know how it will all turn out but he is sure it will be a party.*

*Of some encouragement should be the fact that he is wearing off on the children.  They both walk around the house, arms flailing while they yell, "Paaaaaarty!!"  All hope is not lost for them.

So what's the difference between the two characters?  I think it comes down to trust.  For the God-following Olaf's, they know God is Enough (there goes that word of mine again) and they can relax. I end up there, but I like to take the scenic route.  You know, to stop and do some worrying.  Take in all the ¡Peligro! warning signs. 

I heard a sermon by John Piper entitled, "Are You Humble Enough to be Carefree?"  The title grabbed me and  I have never forgotten it.  God is big enough for anything that's coming.  And humility (and wisdom) would say that I am not.  The good news is that we can, like Olaf, look toward our "summer" with hope even if we don't have a great idea what that means entirely because God is big enough and cares enough about us to do what's best for us.  I am increasingly thankful for my many Olaf's who keep me heading in the right direction.

So where are you on the Eyore/Olaf spectrum?  Who are your Olafs?