Maker #12: Ora Dale Handmade

Today's Maker is Christa from North Carolina.  Her shop is named Ora Dale (not Arendelle) but if thinking of Frozen helps you remember her shop name, go for it!  Speaking of her shop name, here is how she came up with it:

"Ora Dale is the first and middle name of my great-grandmother on my dad's side. She lived to be 104 and was a serious pillar of faith in our family. She was fully present until her passing and shared so much with everyone around her. I admire her life and the legacy she left.  Since my dear husband wouldn't let me name either of our daughters after her, my shop gets the honor."

Christa's shop has earrings, headbands, baskets and mason jar cozys.  I bet you didn't even know your mason jar NEEDED a cozy.  Well, it does.  This is my favorite one:

I love this one!  I have it and use it everyday.  Here is very high-quality professional-level iphone selfie to prove it:

You can find more of her crafty goodness here:

Facebook: Ora Dale

Etsy: Ora Dale

Instagram: @oradalehandmade