Maker #24: Rachel Anne Ridge

Today I am very pleased to share with you a phenomenal artist, my friend Rachel Anne Ridge!  This girl has a lot going on so stay with me.  

She has a website called Home Sanctuary where she writes daily about how to make your home your sanctuary.  In her words: 

"Home Sanctuary" sums up a lot of what my life is about.  As a wife and mom, I'm always looking for ways to make our home a place of grace and refuge for the ones I love most. I have my struggles, but armed with a few tricks up my sleeve and a sense of humor, I've learned that small victories are worth celebrating...especially at home.

Then, she has a book launching in a couple months that she wrote about Flash the Donkey.  Flash was homeless and just showed up on their property one day and never left.  They have grown to love him and he has taught them a lot.  Enough to write a book about.  Here are Rachel and Flash.  Just to prove that my story is true.  

Incidentally, Flash has his own website and a facebook fanpage as big as mine.  That's super if you're the donkey in the scenario and less super when you're the human. Whatever.  I'm happy for the famous donkey.  Really.  

And then, Rachel does this thing where she paints murals on buildings and inside people's homes.  Take a look: 

Oh for the love.  People can really DO that?! Amazing.  

And finally, as if that wasn't enough, she has a store where you can get your hands on a print of her original art.  I love this one featuring Flash:

Unbelievable.  So much talent in one person!  Check out her art.  I'm sure you'll find something you love.

Here's where you can find Rachel:

Facebook: Home Sanctuary

Murals: Artifex Studio

Art prints: Rachel Anne Ridge