Ready and Waiting

I have accomplished a great many things in my 34 years.  Some are impressive but most are silly choices I don’t love remembering.  You see, when the seedling of an idea floats into my head, I run with it.  Lots of excitement and even more dogged determination have led me to complete things I had no business starting in the first place. 

Hmmm... I recall my mother mentioning that very thing to me repeatedly when I was small.  In the last decade my dear husband has joined the choir that sings “Don’t you want to stop and think about that?”  to which I reply, “No consideration necessary, it’s already finished.”

There are benefits to diving in immediately I'm sure, but there are also broken necks too.  Slowly but surely I am learning how to pause my big ideas and prayerfully consider if they are wise.  When I bring up an idea to my husband and I haven't already either finished the project or at least started it- when I bring it up purely for consideration purposes- he gets SO proud of me.  This is how I know I must have been pretty bad before.  Bless him. 

Ways to Wait

There are several ways to wait.  There is impatient waiting.  The kind that involves fingertips tapping on table tops and pacing around the house.  Then there are the times we dress up our willful and obstinate inactivity by calling it "waiting" because a word implying self-control is so much nicer than one insinuating laziness or disobedience.  We are tricky creatures that way.

 Then there is the best (and arguably hardest) kind: ready and waiting.

Continuing the journey through Nehemiah that I started in this post, I  find a more composed man this time around.  (Nehemiah 1:11-2:8) It has been 4 months since he heard the update of the desolation of his beloved Jerusalem.  Nehemiah used the time to prepare.  He thought through the details and knew what to ask the King when the time came.  

Also, he waited for the right time to talk to the King about it.  He knew it was a very tricky situation that couldn't be rushed.  Mostly though, Nehemiah waited on God.  God had a pace and Nehemiah was keeping that pace.  

What I Need To Do About It

Ah the life application.  This is where it smarts.  

I am the impatient waiter.  If I'm ready to go, it's time to GO!  This can cause issue with the small humans in my house.  They are not ready when I am either because I haven't gotten them ready yet or they de-readied themselves while I got myself ready.  

Where's your right shoe?
Did you poop in that diaper I just changed? 
Please stop chewing on your hair and go brush it. 
Where's your LEFT shoe?!
You already need more water? I just filled your cup a second ago!
Blah blah blah repeat to infinity.

What I need to do about this passage is calm down and quit trying to rush through everything.  Stop hurrying my kids around when there's not an actual need to hurry.  Plan in a buffer of time for the finding of the cowboy boots and the Little Mermaid t-shirt.  It's going to be ok Emily.  We will eventually all be "ready" at the same time.

Lord, my kids are slow.  Because they are kids.  Please empower me to accomplish a waiting spirit in my heart as we do our daily tasks.

What do you need to do about this passage?