On Running and Large Clothing

Intentional Adventures

So we have been doing these little intentional adventures as I’ve taken to calling them.  I chose three different ones and like every parent who reads parenting books, I gave the child who can talk three choices of lessons.  I did this mostly because a) I don’t care which one we do and b) she is always angling for some control so I might as well create that opportunity.

She chose “Run the Race” and I wanted to tell you guys how it went.

The point of the lesson is to teach the importance of getting rid of sins that drag us down in our daily lives.

Because I have background as a teacher, I compulsively ask the “students” to tell me what they remember from the last lesson and I was encouraged to learn that she remembered everything.  My husband didn’t remember any of it.  So funny  She IS listening!  So encouraging.

Ok so here is what you need to "Run the Race" with your kids:

1.       Get some large clothes (like your clothes) in a bag but don’t let your kids see them.

2.       Read 1 Corinthians 9:24 when Paul tells the church to do their best to focus on the “race”  of their walk with God.

3.       Go outside and run around.  Make them do some obstacle courses or whatever.  Who even cares.  This will reinforce the race idea and also make them more tired for bed.

4.       Take a break and put on a bandage because of an injury.

porter hurt.jpg

5.       Read Hebrews 12:1 and talk about what things can weigh us down or trip us up in our lives.  Anger and selfishness came up for me.  Ahem.  Moving on.

6.       Go back outside and make the kids put on your clothing.  And laugh at them.

7.       Make them run. And laugh at them.

8.       Go back inside and ask them which race was easier and why. 

9.       Pray together and ask God to help each of you to run the best possible race of faith and to throw off the sins that trip us up.

If you like these ideas, I got them here.

Thanks for reading and please come back and tell me how it goes if you try it with any kids on your life!