A Sariko Designs Giveaway

Christmas is coming. All the shopping is coming.

I wanted to take an opportunity to connect my readers to some small business owners I know who make some really spiffy items. Every Monday in November I will be featuring one friend's shop and giving away some of their wares.

So the first shop I'm featuring is Sariko Designs.  I first bought a sign from her about coffee which you can see here.  Then I just "needed" another one so she made this for me:

Since then, we've basically become best-cyber-friends. I came up with that title and she is too nice to tell me I'm weird.

Her signs are wonderful.  They are made from re-claimed pieces of old barns so you will be the envy of all your eco-conscious friends.  MY favorite reason to buy from her, however,  is that she's using her talent to raise money for their adoption of siblings that need a home.

Among the most difficult children to place in forever homes are sibling sets.  Adoption is challenging for everyone involved and opening your home to more than one child at a time is no small task.

So a couple things you could do for Sarah:

  • Pray for them as they are currently in the matching process.  Pray the siblings will blend well with the whole family.  As anyone who has been through the adoption process knows, the matching season is TRICKY.  We had 6 "almost matches" before our boy child came along.
  • Consider purchasing something from her shop this Christmas. Order soon though. She is BUSY! When ordering, tell her Emily sent you. It will automatically bump you to the top of the list. (She definitely did NOT say that, but you might as well try.)

Sarah has generously agreed to give away a personalized family name sign with the year of your marriage on it. She will work with you on the fonts and the colors.  You do not need to be from the Peters family with a marriage date of 2007 to enter.  She can paint all kinds of other names as well...  It will be made exactly how you want it! It would be a great wedding gift.


There are 6 ways to enter. You may complete just 1 or all 6. Feel free to open an account for your 4 year old and enter 6 more times. Children who cannot read and don't drink coffee tend to LOVE winning signs and mugs.

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  • Like Sariko Designs Facebook page and come back and leave a separate comment saying you did.
  • Leave a separate comment telling me why YOU should be the winner. Especially persuasive comments will be counted as two comments. (What?! Can she do that? Absolutely.) Put your heart into it people.  Entertain me.

In short, every comment is it's own entry. If you want 6 entries, you need 6 comments. I will use a random number generator and announce the winners on Friday November, 8th!  Yay!

**Side note:  I only have two of her signs currently in my home.  It's a tragedy.   You are welcome to enter, win, and let me keep the goods.  I just want you to know all your options.**