Five Minute Friday: Seeing Red

GO Two things popped into my mind when I saw the prompt for this week.

The phrase “seeing red” as in being angry and the heart.  Now, being a nurse (and just plain being an adult) I know that real hearts are not ruby red and cutely symmetrical but I’m talking about that not-actual-heart-shape shape.  You follow?  I’m trying to be as clear as possible- I’m doing this in 5 minutes folks.

The “seeing red” is something I’ve done a lot for about three weeks.  I just can’t seem to get out of this funk.

Nothing seems quite right, though it is.

No one is behaving correctly, though in reality they probably are.

Everything is somehow wrong.  My pants fit tight.  My floors are filthy even though I just mopped.  I noticed a fantastic sun spot along my upper lip which bears an alarming resemblance to a mustache.

I know.  The mustache is all the rage these days but not literal mustaches on actual women.  Ugh.  I need a paper bag to hide my whole self in.  {Yep. I’m ending that sentence with a preposition.} Five minutes, people. Focus!

Anyway, all the “wrong” things in my life make me see red.  Nothing is actually even wrong other than my perspective.

In the five minutes I have been an RN,  I’ve seen 5 year olds fighting cancer.  Once I saw a man die after being hit by a semi-truck.  Just this week, a young friend lost her even younger brother.  A mom lost her only son.  Terrible, terrible things happen every day and my issues are not worth “seeing red” over.

So what should I look at?

That red heart.

I am pursued.  I am fully known.  And I am liked.  

I am valued with more depth and passion than I will ever grasp this side of heaven.

The red I want to dwell on, the red I want to characterize my life, is that of Love not anger.

I don’t know if I’ve made any progress on this recently but I know anger is an issue for me and I know on Whom I must focus to get from one red to the other.


This was written in five minutes for Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker's place.  Hundreds of people link up every Friday to write for five minutes about her one word prompt.  You should totally check it out (or try your hand at it)!