Setting Up the Pins

I feel the need to start this off by saying I LOVE being a mom. It's fantastic. The only problem is that it doesn't always feel fantastic. It can be painfully mundane, headache-inducing and sticky. WHY are my kids always sticky?

My motivation was selfish, really. Which I acknowledge is typical. I was feeling more than the normal amount of irritation at the mounting piles of dishes and laundry. I did what any reasonable human would do: gather the children, blast the song, and dance around with hand towels in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, my kids had not seen all my dance moves up to this point. They seemed alarmed which I choose to interpret as wide-eyed admiration. What started as an effort to boost my own spirits, ended up helping the little people too. As it turns out I am apparently painfully mundane and headache-inducing to be around as well. So, it has become a habit around here. They request the song about 1o times a day. It's getting a little ridiculous.

So that you can download it from iTunes, the song is Setting Up the Pins by Sara Groves. She is fantastic. Listen, I can't dance to save my sweet life but I am a musician (I was a drum major, remember?) so I kinda totally 100% know what I'm talking about here. Even though I don't know her, she has given words and melody to many important seasons of my life. Thanks Sara!  Here's the video:

The gist of the song is that our lives are comprised of completing the same compulsory actions day in and day out. We all try to get around it, but we can't. The song goes on to say that there is beauty to be found in the setting up and knocking down of these daily pins. Oh, and that you'll make yourself crazy if you don't find the beauty. I live dangerously close to crazy, so I feel it only prudent to look for the beauty in the pins...

Sticky kids or not, you're there too. If you wish you could get (or stay) pregnant, if you're ill, grieving a loss, praying you weren't single, wishing you weren't married, hating your job, bemoaning the fact that you just ate so many chocolate chip cookies (oops, that's about me again), there is something about our lives we all wish we didn't have to deal with. Every. Stinking. Day.

ALL of my hand towels are disgusting now. The whole drawer-full of them ends up being thrown around the kitchen in the musical frenzy and, to be quite honest, when the dance party is over, they are not washed. We fold them and return them to the drawer. Play like the whole thing never happened. Ain't nobody got time for that.

So buy the song, dance around in your fancy car or important corner office (or your dirty kitchen as in the case of this girl) and search for praise-worthy parts of your mundane existence. Head here to read how I managed to turn this song into a super weird moment at a bowling alley. Yep. It happened.