A Simple Thank You

Have you ever received a gift out of the blue? It's awesome.  Gifts are my "love language."

It's so thrilling to get an unprovoked gift.  I may need more exciting things going on in my life. It's the best when the gifts are a thanks for something you've done.  So maybe my "love language" is words of affirmation...

I may be high-maintenance.

My husband sometimes writes notes for me and leaves them on the bathroom mirror.  He tells me thank you for doing the laundry, keeping the kids healthy, making the courtyard pretty since we spend so much time out there.   Makes my day completely.

Once he said in a note I looked so nice in my gardening clothes.  I didn't have the heart to tell him those were just my "pajama clothes"...

In the recent months, the girl child would ONLY draw pictures for the men in her life and anytime she considered anyone for any nice gesture, I didn't make the list.  She even wondered aloud one night while we were having family time on the porch swing "what would happen if we left Mom outside and she got eaten by wolves?"

Good grief, child.  I can hear you!

Don't worry though.  My husband told her that was not nice...just as soon as he quit laughing.

She's now over whatever that was and will often draw me pictures and write me notes.  It's just the BEST to receive a random thank you from someone for whom you labor all-the-live-long-day. From her it's usually VERY random like "thanks for making me chicken noodle soup" (which has never actually happened since she doesn't like soup).   But the statement does not involve my demise, so I'll take it.

On the other hand, doesn't it just do something to your insides when you randomly GIVE thanks to someone?  I love calling my mom and thanking her for stuff.  That lady labored for me and my siblings.Mainly for them really, I was a peach.

Thanking people puts in perspective that I am not the center of the universe.  Others are around, others are improving things and others like thanks just as much as I do.

How many of our chats with God are purely thanksgiving?  Psalm 8 is a thank you note to God.  It basically says thank You for being stronger than us.  Thank You for caring about us.  And not just a little.  First You knit us together then You put us in charge of everything You made.  Wow.

Thank you, Lord for all the things You've done in my life that I'm aware of and thank you for all the things I was too slow to notice.