Getting My Own Pin

So the other morning it occurred to me that we needed some actual bowling pins to go with our great song.  In case you don't know me, I'm impulsive.  I could win trophies for this character trait if it was celebrated.  It isn't.  For a reason.  This particular spontaneous adventure didn't end in disaster though, like that one time I married a beautiful stranger who almost killed me, so that's good.  It did culminate with someone thinking I was nuts, but that's my norm. I called a bowling alley to request a pin.  I was prepared to buy it from them but the nice bowling alley man said I could have it.  He said,

"It's ok if they fire me, jobs are a dime a dozen these days."

Hmmmm.  I was unclear if he was joking, but he said I could have the pin for free (which is in my price-range) so I wasn't asking questions.

Upon arrival, I spied my prize behind the counter.  I told the man who I was.  He picked up the pin but hesitated to hand it to me.  He sized me up suspiciously.  He didn't even try to hide the fact that he had already decided I was a freak.  It was sweet.

He finally spoke, "What's it for, anyway?"

Ugh. Please don't make me talk, nice bowling alley man.  You already think I'm weird.  This will only confirm it.

Several responses ran through my mind:

"I'm opening my bowling alley so I'm gathering pins one at a time instead of buying them." Um, no.Then he keeps it because I'm a jerk.

"You see sir, the pin is a symbol for the beauty to be found in..." Nope. He doesn't strike me as a metaphor guy.

"Well, me and my kid's dance around the house to a song about bowling pins..." Lady, you and your kids sound like super nerds.

Nothing I thought of didn't sound weird so I just blurted out,

"It's for"

What does that even mean?  Neither of us knew.  It was both ridiculous and somehow ominous.  He handed the pin over but not before shooting me a look that screamed 'you-know-you're-totally-odd, right?'  Ah yes, it's a familiar look.  I've gotten that one a couple of times.  

But whatever.  I have the pin as a daily reminder for me and people who come over to our house assume we are hardcore bowlers.