What Would Stop if You Knew You Were Enough?

I certainly did not expect this. I told you how I labored over my word for 2014 and was thrilled/irritated when I found my word Enough.  Because the ladies at Velvet Ashes are organized and do things early I wrote that for them in late October.  Consequently, I have been struggling with (I mean enjoying the opportunity to) explore ways I could get my arms around the concept that I am actually enough.

So I asked myself:

What would you stop striving for or obsessing over if you knew you were enough?

Writing immediately came to mind.  I really enjoy it.  Nerd alert: I love words and sentences.  I relish chatting with other writers.  We all have gifts.  Unfortunately, my gift is an uncanny ability to take something fun and make it into work.  I can ruin the best of activities.  Just ask my family.

 Wait.  Don't.

This past year found me in a perpetual state of striving for bigger, better and more.  It doesn't seem like it but this "hobby" takes an incredible amount of time.  If you do everything the experts say to do, you have to give up eating and seeing other humans.  Then, when all the strategies and promotions don't yield much, it's more than a little deflating.  By the end of the year I was maxed out.  I had nothing left.

If I knew I was enough would I stop writing?

 I would stop writing like I was before.  I am accustomed to focusing on one thing to the exclusion of everything else on earth.  I like to obsess about one thing at a time and then forget about it forever when something new comes along.  That is not sustainable or healthy.

So, as I process through this I am going to still be consistent in posting but it will be once a week not three times.  Also, I am resurrecting my cookbooks and workout DVDs.  You know, trying to live my life.

I would love to report that it's been cathartic and inspirational.  But really, it's uncomfortable- this doing things a new way that is healthy and balanced.  


I am pleased to report that I am lunging and planking, chopping and sauteing (and sometimes writing) my way a little closer every day.

So what about you?  

What would you stop striving for or obsessing over if you knew you were enough? 

A good test of this is to consider where your thoughts go when you have a free moment.  What do you think about at the stop light?  In the check out line?  While you're waiting for your coffee to brew?  If it's a good thing, by all means dwell!  If it's a worrying thing, look closer at it.  I would love to hear your thoughts!